5 Apps to create Attractive Instagram Stories

5 Apps to create Attractive Instagram Stories

5 Apps to create Attractive Instagram Stories

As we all know, visuals are important when it comes to social media content. Stories are a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level and build a connection with them. And when it comes to stories, it's even more important to consider the filters, colors, etc. that you use to make your content more engaging and appealing to your audience and stop your audience from swiping away and engaging with your content.

It is also important to edit your story in a way that highlights the key points and makes it more visually appealing.

Next comes editing, where the app you use to edit your stories also plays a vital role. If you want to make an impactful story, you need to choose an editing app that allows you to be creative with your content.

As we all know, the sounds that we use in a story have a preset feeling in our mind/trigger an emotion in our mind. Similarly, you need an app that has multiple preset soundtracks and filters to make your Instagram stories more impactful gradually increasing the views for your story and reels.

For example, if you are a yoga instructor and you want to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your videos or content, using pleasant music can help your audience connect with the message you're trying to convey.

 Similarly, if you're creating a video that's meant to be fun and upbeat, using lively and upbeat music can help set the tone.

Next, the tedious process of cropping and cutting videos can be a real pain. But with the right app, it doesn't have to be.

Finally, cross-platform sharing is a must.

With so many different social media platforms out there, it's important to be able to share your content with as many people as possible.

That's why it's important to choose an app that offers cross-platform sharing. That way, you can reach the widest possible audience.

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So, these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while creating stories for your social media accounts. If you're looking to up your Instagram story game, make sure to check out some of these apps.

Keep experimenting and have fun!

  1. StoryArt
  2. Inshot
  3. Canva
  4. Typoroma
  5. Adobe Spark

StoryArt: With its easy-to-use story editor, reel maker, and collage templates, you can create stunning visuals that will help you get more likes and followers. Plus, their high-quality Instagram and color story templates make it quick and easy to create beautiful stories. They offer a story editor, reel maker, and collage template for videos and photos. Plus, their profile picture maker lets you create a cartoon profile picture to boost your social media presence.

StoryArt has amazing mojo filters and a professional toolbox to edit your stories and videos. And their Instagram and color story templates come with multiple styles and borders to make things easier for you and save you time. So if you want to make trending insta music stories, be sure to give them a try.

  • 200+ Flawless Layout & Animated Templates.
  • 20+ Themes with different designs and colors, including Film and Unfold.
  • 200+ Animated Instagram story swag templates.
  • 1000+ Highlight Cover templates, Cover icons, and stickers
  • Use Storyart to create Facebook & Instagram highlight covers.
  • Android and IOS support, highest rated app on both the platform



Inshot: Inshot is one of the best video and photo editor apps for Instagram stories. Its easy-to-use features, multiple templates, and video backgrounds, filters, and effects make it a great choice for creating attractive and appealing content. You can trim, cut, crop, and merge videos, and add music to your videos with the option of music fading in and out. Inshot also allows you to control the speed of your video, making it easy to create slow-mo or fast-video effects. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Inshot is a great option for creating stunning Instagram stories.

  • Collage maker and video editor
  • Video Speed control and trim options
  • Easy Merge video
  • Supports android and iOS support 


Inshot-Instagram growth-GrowthX


Canva:  Canva is the perfect all-in-one app for creating stunning social media posts, videos, flyers, photo collages, and video collages. With 1000+ templates and multiple variations for

different professional events and purposes, Canva is the simplest and most easy-to-use tool out there. Whether you're looking to improve your graphic design skills or build your brand, Canva is the perfect app for you.

  • Professional event invites, flyers & business cards
  • Design your brand with the logo maker
  • Display data with templates & slideshow maker
  • Explore video layout & audio tracks
  • Crop, resize, and flip videos & images in the video editor
  • Make images move with one-tap animations & page transitions in the video editor
  • Supports android, desktop & iOS support

Canva-Instagram stories-GrowthX


Typoroma: From the range of available photo text editing options to endless customizations and much more. Typoroma is a free typography app to add text to photos to come up with a clean design. The interface is user-friendly giving you a whole idea about available fonts and customization options. This photo editor app features tons of unique text styles to add to an image, solid color, or transparent background. You can customize the text’s style, size, and color, you can also utilize the advanced photo text editor to customize the background image. It also provides a huge library of quotes and background images.

  • Advanced photo text editor to add words to pictures.
  • Tons of unique text styles to add to an image, solid color, or transparent background.
  • Customize the text’s style, size, and color, you can also utilize the advanced photo text editor to customize the background image
  • Provides a huge library of quotes and background images.
  • Supports iOS only. 


Typoroma-instagram stories


Adobe Spark:  It is a powerful tool that allows you to create beautiful stories with ease. With Adobe Spark, you can add photos, videos, and text to create stunning visuals that will captivate your audience.

  • Quick background removable
  • Resize with just a tap and share directly to any social platform
  • Convert to GIF
  • Animate video posts and share social stories
  • Get the Photoshop-quality look you want with thousands of effects, filters, textures, and overlays
  • Adobe Express on web desktop, Android & iOS device

Instagram Stories-Adobe spark

Conclusion: Instagram editing apps are a great way to make your Instagram stories and videos more attractive and engaging with your content. This will help you to increase your followers and social media growth. Try using a few different apps to find the ones that work best for you and your content.