Increase Instagram Engagement

Quick tips to increase Instagram engagement

Quick tips to increase Instagram engagement

A successful marketing strategy for Instagram involves good engagement rates. One needs to experiment with different strategies to identify what suits best their brands.

The ways to measure your profile engagement are likes, followers, shares, reposts, saves, & comments.

What is Instagram engagement? Instagram engagement is not just about the number of followers or views on your videos, it's about the user's engagement with your posts, stories, and videos.

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These are a few tips on how you can make it happen -

Use Hashtags: Instagram hashtags play a vital role in marketing your content. Using the right hashtags for content can boost your post and reach the targeted audience. But, you need to be careful while using hashtags, as overdoing it can look spammy. Find the right hashtag for your content/ profile- using the hashtag Generator

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Giveaways offer Q&As, &contests
: Posting product pics frequently is going to get old after a while, muddle up with some varied content plans. Best real engagement are the ones that have comments in which the users tag their friends, this not only helps in engaging the post but brings new people to your profile, which inversely can be an opportunity to convert them into customers, followers, or fans with your creative content. Contests, polls, & quizzes cut off the routine and directly engage your audience to get involved actively. Rafflehopter is the best tool for giveaways, you do not have to worry & spend time on creating landing pages, rather focus on algorithms & other statistics for your sales.

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Meaningful content
: Authenticity is the key to any business. Instagram is not just about the images & catchy captions, meaningful & relevant content matters, sharing the content that highlights the value of the product brings in more users to the profile, & frequently sharing clients’ reviews, testimonials, and success stories gives weightage to your content. Creating Instagram stories gradually increases the user's engagement and profile visits. Instagram is all about high-quality content than frequent posting, which leads to lower interest of people, which will eventually drop in engagement rates. 

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Include Story Highlighter in your profile: When users visit the page, you have a few short moments to convert them into followers. Instagram highlights feature helps to increase engagement on your page. Though the story lasts only 24 hours from the posted time, you can create permanent stories using this feature. So, make sure you highlight your best moments, achievements, and customer reviews to excite new followers & potential customers.

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Interact with followers
: When comments are flooding in with a response to your posts & videos, it’s always good to respond. Replying to a user’s comment, makes the user feel noticed & heard. Replying to the relevant comments/ questions will help you to understand your audience and their needs. Real & active followers give a good engagement rate. This will retain your loyal customers.

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Post carousels and video content: Posting stop-scrolling visual content and videos can get a high engagement rate getting your customer involved & active to engage with the content. This will lead to an increase in Instagram video views, Instagram post likes & shares.

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 Conclusively it's all about connecting with your audience through your content. Don't worry, it's not difficult to gain engagement & profile visibility, you can try this amazing service from
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