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Get your Instagram Video/ Reels/ IGTV/ to be recommended to more people who aren't already following you on Instagram and gain new followers and grow in popularity.


  • Receive views in 1-2 hours time frame
  • You can spread views around multiple links (Max 5per order)
  • lifetime guaranteed
  • 100% Real views 

Please Note:

Don't use other websites' services at the same time. The delivery process will be slowed down. For stable growth, use one company's services.


Ask a Question
  • Am I buying real Instagram Story views?

    GrowthX use techniques that organically drive Instagram Story views from real users with complete profiles, followers, and posts of their own.

  • Does buying Instagram Story views actually work?

    Yes, it really does work. You won’t just be improving your Instagram Story views, you will also be attracting more organic views and enhancing your social credibility

  • Can you really buy Instagram Story views?

    Yes. Buying Instagram Story Views is a safe way to boost your social presence. It’s also effective at expanding your reach and improving the exposure of your account.

  • This package works for how many days/weeks/months?


    In this pack you will have to place an order for required views and can share upto five URL's to which we will deliver the views.

  • Is this service also for Instagram story?

    Sorry, we do not provide this service for Instagram story.