How to post horizontal videos & landscape photos on Instagram

How to post horizontal videos & landscape photos on Instagram

How to post horizontal videos & landscape photos on Instagram

One way to interact with your audience as a content provider is by posting videos to your Instagram account.

You may decide to upload a video to Instagram to demonstrate a concept, and you may be wondering how to upload horizontal videos or landscape photos to Instagram.

In this blog, we tell you how to post horizontal videos or landscape photos to Instagram.


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1. Horizontal Videos on Instagram

A common audiovisual format is horizontal video, often called landscape orientation. Nothing more than the standard watching experience on our televisions and in the theatres. Prior to the development of the internet and, specifically, mobile applications, the horizontal mode dominated video viewing.

Take into consideration the following requirements.

The submitted video's content must adhere to the community guidelines. Instagram retains the right to delete it in such a case.

The recommended aspect ratio ranges from 1.91:1 to 9:16.

The resolution must be at least 720 pixels.

The recommended frame rate per second (FPS) is 30.

10-minute videos can have files up to 650 gigabytes in size (MB).

60-minute videos can have files up to 3.6 gigabytes in size (GB).

2. How to Upload Videos Horizontally to Instagram 

Why are they famous? Because a horizontal or landscape video unquestionably provides a much more panoramic experience. For instance, it enables you to record more details simultaneously when photographing outside (among others). If you know how to upload both landscape and portrait photographs to Instagram, the procedures are relatively similar. Hence, the following is how to create an IGTV video with that orientation: Hold your device as necessary. This implies that while recording, you must hold your phone, tablet, or another device horizontally. Overall, the only thing guiding this method, which typically works well, is common sense.

post videos horizontally on instagram

Use a specific tool or software. Holding your smartphone horizontally might not always be sufficient to produce the desired outcome. Be calm. You have access to a variety of great apps - to mention a few, there are InShot, Quik, Cinefy (iOS), and Kinemaster. Thankfully, users of today have the tools necessary to edit videos as needed before uploading and sharing them. Nevertheless, simply follow these instructions if your video is appropriate to post as a horizontal on Instagram.

Launch the Instagram app, then hit the plus sign. The horizontal video you want to share should be chosen. If you'd like, you can also add text, speech, stickers, or music. Tap the "share" button after finishing your caption.

3. Landscape photos on Instagram

Instagram has made adding landscape photos to your feed easier than ever. Here’s how to do it:

Visit Instagram. Choose the "Add Post" button (a square with a plus sign). Choose a picture or video to upload. In the photo display, click the full-size button in the lower left corner (it looks like two corners). This will automatically change your photo's aspect ratio to landscape (or portrait if the photo orientation is vertical). By adjusting the zoom-in and out feature, you can further modify the photo's cropping. To continue your upload, tap next.

upload landscape photo on instagram

Your content-creating journey just got easier! Just follow our tips and ensure that you’ve got your head in the game - you’ll find yourself raking in those views!