Check Instagram Engagement Rate. Is yours normal?

Check Instagram Engagement Rate. Is yours normal?

Check Instagram Engagement Rate. Is yours normal?

Is your Instagram engagement rate normal? How do we check that? And if it isn’t how do we boost it to get the required results? Let’s deep dive into all of this and more in this blog.

Your Instagram engagement rate is calculated by dividing the total number of likes and comments you get on each post by the total number of followers you have.

Monitoring engagement rates is a good idea since they show how frequently your audience engages with your content and compel you to concentrate on relevant information rather than vanity metrics (like the number of followers you have).

Why is engagement rate important?

Because they gauge audience interest, brand relevance, and social authority, Instagram engagement statistics are important.

Public Interest

Your material will be more engaging if it resonates with your intended audience.

You may get a sense of what your users want to see if you take the time to review your best-performing content, which includes those with the most likes, shares, saves, and comments.

High impressions may mean that a lot of people have seen your material, but engagement is often referred to as actual interactions with your postings.

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Your audience likely views you as a reliable source of information if you have a high engagement rate.

Because your content distinguishes you from rivals, they could choose it. Will your high engagement rate continue to be strong in three months, though, if it is now? Is it more than it was the previous year?

Your score may drop if you aren't keeping track of your engagement rate and using it as a yardstick for relevancy.

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

You can begin to examine and comprehend what the engagement rate implies and if it is good or negative once you have that information. The following is a benchmarking guideline used by the industry:

  • A low engagement rate equals less than 1%
  • The average/good engagement rate is between 1% and 3.5%.
  • The high engagement rate is between 3.5% and 6%.
  • Very high engagement rate when it exceeds 6%

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In conclusion, according to industry norms, an influencer's profile on Instagram with an engagement rate between 1% and 3% is generally considered to be successful. It is a good indication that their audience is very involved with their material if the engagement rate is greater than 3%, and it is a sign that their audience is not very engaged with their content if it is lower than 1%.

Let’s take a look at the list of websites that one can use to measure Instagram engagement rates!


You may plan new posts with Iconsquare, keep track of your Instagram stats, and listen to what people are saying about your business or brand. It offers data that highlight interaction, impression, post reach, and Instagram Stories performance trends.

It features competitor and hashtag tracking.


Iconsquare provides a two-week free trial as well as several free features, including a comprehensive Instagram Audit.


An influencer marketing platform called Phlanx was created to assist PR specialists in working with influencers to increase engagement rates on social media platforms. Businesses can use the platform's calculation tool to gauge audience engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Teams can also use it to generate contracts on a consistent interface, audit accounts to find followers who are active and followers who are not active and maintain influencer directories.

instagram egagement calculator


Hype Auditor

All-in-one solution to empower your influencer marketing needs - try out Hype Auditor. It’s a free tool that allows you to calculate engagement rates besides the other services that it offers. You must utilize the engagement rate calculator if you want to be aware of the key account information. This is crucial for creators who are eager to develop brand partnerships.

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Once you’ve understood how to operate the apps, it’s time to figure out how to boost your engagement rate. So here are a couple of tips and tricks to boost your engagement rate!

Get to know your audience

If you don't know your audience, it might be challenging to create engaging content.

Your brand voice, the type of content you post, and even the days and hours to publish will all be influenced by the demographics of your target audience. Via Instagram analytics, you can find this data.

Create valuable content!

Two of the most beneficial forms of engagement you can get on Instagram are saves and shares. Provide value on your Instagram account to attract these special interactions. Make material that consumers will want to return to time and time again and share with their friends but avoid making it boring. Regardless of the situation, Instagram marketing constantly necessitates a fantastic image.

Instagram content ideas

Giving out informative infographics is an easy method to share practical advice or eye-opening statistics. Use colorful charts and graphs to depict a step-by-step process in detail. Then, add further context or draw attention to particular facts.

Embrace video content

You may utilize your Instagram business account to go live, post to IGTV, and upload brief animations to your feed and Stories in addition to producing Reels. You may avoid the fact that the majority of Instagram scrollers are watching videos without sound while also grabbing attention and communicating with emotion by using animated visuals.

Engage with Instagram users

Just touching the heart icon when your followers reach out isn't any better than ignoring them. 

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You should reply to every Instagram follower who interacts with your brand. Respond meaningfully to comments, direct messages, and the content in which your followers tag you to demonstrate to them that you are paying attention. A good brand reaction can pave the way for long-lasting mutually beneficial connections by motivating customers to participate again in the future.

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We hope that this blog helps you understand what an Instagram engagement rate is and how important it is to maintain it and the tips shared help you in using Instagram effectively.