How to get your first clients from Instagram? Get discovered and boost your sales

How to get your first clients from Instagram? Get discovered and boost your sales

How to get your first clients from Instagram? Get discovered and boost your sales

New to Instagram but want to build your audience? We have a couple of tips that will help you grow on Instagram.


  1. Determine the objectives of your audience and offer them the solutions they require.

    For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and consider the issues they might be facing and the answers your company provides

  2. Share positive inspiration. 
    Share encouraging nuggets of wisdom. Social networking is great because it allows you to create a welcoming community of people who share your interests. Positive vibes are always a surefire way to go, whether you're sharing instances of success stories from your community or just offering words of encouragement.

  3. Be authentic.
    Sometimes, one of the best ways to give value is to offer insight into the behind-the-scenes of operating a business. By offering an authentic and straightforward perspective, you build trust and relatability with your audience.

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    Use Stories to Connect with Your Audience

    One of the most intimate ways to interact with your followers on the site is through Instagram Stories. It's a fantastic method to communicate more details about your company and to provide additional information that might not otherwise appear in your feed.

    Instagram stories are a great tool for connecting with your audience more deeply and promoting your goods and services, but they are not a great tool for increasing your following or attracting new followers.

    • To better understand your audience and their needs, post-Q&As or AMAs on social media. You have the option of making your comments public or private via DM.
    • Use gifs, polls, stickers, and music to add interest to your articles.
    • Repost news items from your community. This promotes more participation and fosters appreciation.
    • Sell your services and goods. Don't be shy about displaying your products if you're posting frequently.

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      Post Consistently And Regularly

    • One of the oldest and most effective Instagram "strategies" is this one. Post regularly.
    • Your goals will determine how frequently you post. There are companies out there who post multiple times per day, every day, and Instagram rewards those who post the most. Although this is fantastic, most small firms cannot afford it.
    • In the long run, posting 3-5 times a week may be more sustainable because you can be more consistent with it. Consistency is important, as I've already mentioned.
    • Being consistent over the long run will benefit you much more than making a few postings that become viral.

    Talk To Your Current Audience in Comments and Direct Messages

    I dread the day when I won't have enough time to reply to every comment.

    Does this significantly increase the number of followers you have? If that's the aim, perhaps, but it's probably not the best use of your time. In the best-case scenario, it might increase word of mouth and attract some followers.

    But it does make it possible for you to create a community.

    Although I don't believe in karma or anything similar, I think that if you continually try to help others, good things will come from it.

    By applying that reasoning, I attempt to assist others with no expectations of reward. Beyond the scope of this piece, I believe this is a sound philosophical approach to adopt.

    But if someone takes the time to comment, especially at the beginning, I believe you should respond thoughtfully. The same applies if someone DMs you.

    This not only fosters a sense of community but also fosters interpersonal connections.

    Many of my clients don't just randomly schedule appointments. Many of them have messaged me or left comments asking to first talk about nutrition in general.

    In addition, this occasionally results in them referring their family or friends to me.

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    I understand that many medical experts value their time and do not want to spend hours dispensing free advice. But if you do this, it might assist in developing clientele and fostering trust.

    Collaborate with others

    Regarding cultivating connections with influencers, I believe that teaming up with others is one of the most underappreciated ways to expand a following quickly.

    Of course, you should only work with influencers who are primarily listened to by your target audience. Growth for the sake of growth is pointless and could even be harmful if you attract the wrong kind of followers.

    A simple example of collaboration is when you produce material for a larger account, and they acknowledge you when they share it on their page.

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    The Reason Behind Hashtags

    Using hashtags on Instagram that are pertinent to your company and industry is crucial.

    Additionally, you should make sure to employ well-known hashtags.

    This is because a hashtag's likelihood of being seen by potential customers increases with its popularity.

    So, how do you discover trending hashtags? There are several methods, including:

    You can start by conducting hashtag research.

    You can look at Instagram's "Top" section.

    Finally, you may check out the hashtags that companies like yours are using.

    Once you've identified a few trending hashtags, it's time to begin

    Join Instagram with our tips and you’re bound to see an increase in followers and engagement. And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.