8 easy ways to increase Twitter followers

8 easy ways to increase Twitter followers

8 easy ways to increase Twitter followers

Want to see an increase in your Twitter followers? Well, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our blog and you’ll be on your to achieving Twitter stardom!

1. Find a unique and compelling brand voice

Finding your voice on social media is more crucial than anything else. Make some inquiries about your brand voice before creating a Twitter account. We're discussing audience identities, brand messaging, and brand vision.

All of this will assist you in creating a niche that individuals desire to fill.

2. Prioritize visual content whenever possible

According to conventional knowledge, Tweets with visual content get more likes, shares, and Retweets than those that don't.

Brands should make an effort to include images in their Tweets. While posting only text-based Tweets is perfectly acceptable, graphics are better positioned to stop serial scrollers and compel people to read your articles.


twitter visual content

3. Engage with Twitter communities in your industry

This is a nice example of how to use hashtags to increase your Twitter following.

On Twitter, there are several groups that are connected by hashtags 

Despite the fact that some of these communities are run by certain people, others are for general tips and industry. Participating in groups and sharing knowledge or experiences is a good method to attract new followers to your account.


Hashtags for twitter

4. Signal yourself as a valuable resource via Twitter threads

Twitter threads, which are very common in business circles, provide a space to dissect ideas and experiences within a single Tweet chain.

Imagine them as Tweets that are blog posts. Threads are frequently filled with debate, which is a clever way to make the most of Twitter's 280 character restriction.

The thread emoji is often used to denote threads, as opposed to the standard question or educational Tweets (see below). The number of Tweets in the thread chain can also be used to identify them. A thread's initial Tweet, for instance, might begin with "(1/6)" and end with "(6/6)," indicating that there are a total of six Tweets in the thread.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Find out who they are, how many followers they have, how frequently they tweet, and what they're tweeting. How does their profile appear? What kind of content do they post that garners the most attention? How do they respond to their rivals or clients? To get on their radar, follow them and retweet their posts. 

6. Tweet at the Right Time

To ensure that your users receive your tweets, find out when they are on Twitter. Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Buffer data can be used to get insights and schedule timely posts that won't get lost in your followers' feeds. Although it is generally agreed that weekdays between noon and 3 pm are the optimum times to post, there are a number of other considerations. Additionally, space out your tweets so as not to overwhelm followers. You may increase your visibility without alienating your network by keeping your activity to one or two tweets every hour.

If you want to gain more Twitter followers, you must be familiar with hashtags.

7. Find Followers and Influencers                            

According to the widespread consensus, if you follow someone on Twitter, they are likely to do the same for you. Use Twitter's "Who to Follow" function to discover trending feeds and upload your email contacts to the service to discover individuals you already know. Find and follow influential people in your field; for example, if you work in the food sector, look up and follow well-known chefs. If they notice that you are following them, they might do the same, which would put your tweets in their feeds. Try to do as much as you can to grow your Twitter following naturally.

Twitter followers

 8. Stick to your niche

Choose your topic carefully so that others may get a sense of the kind of user you are. Yes, using hashtags when tweeting about various topics may increase your Twitter following. You should have a certain audience in mind, though. If you believe you are knowledgeable about something, such as food, art, sports, etc., start tweeting about it to establish yourself as one of the top Twitter users in that field. Gaining Twitter followers is simple if you respond to questions posed by others.

You must develop a specialized plan for your company brand and provide material that will enable you to attract top niche users and a niche audience. If you are an SEO specialist or social media whiz, for instance, you should not only tweet about your business but also find the best information in your industry and share it. You should also talk about interesting things relevant to your niche.

Be patient and learn to trust the process. On some days you may see increased engagement and on other days zero. It’s important to remember to be consistent and not lose sight of the end goal. All the best and we hope you see a drastic change in your Twitter following!