How to advertise your business on Facebook - complete guide

How to advertise your business on Facebook - complete guide

How to advertise your business on Facebook - complete guide

Facebook Ads is the social network's advertising platform that attempts to advertise goods and services through publications or text, pictures, or video advertisements. Due to its excellent segmentation options, it is a marketing tool that is frequently employed by businesses.

If you’re new to the world of online advertising, trying your hand at Facebook advertising can be a little daunting. To help you ease into the process, we’re here! Take a lot at our blog and you’re on your way to becoming a Facebook Ads Wiz!                                                                                    

How to advertise your business on Facebook 

Facebook advertising is extremely easy to get started with.

  1. Make an account with Facebook Ads Manager.
  2. Install Google Tag Manager or the Facebook Ads pixel on your website (the pixel helps track and monitor your ad performance)
  3. Determine who you want to reach
  4. Decide on a budget.
  5. Choose an advertising goal.
  6. Set the campaign's start and optional end dates.

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Types of Facebook ads 

Facebook offers a variety of placement and size options to help you run successful campaigns. Your photos need to be the right size for your campaign to be successful. What are the different types of Facebook Ads? Let's find out!

Messenger inbox ads

You can develop adverts for Facebook Messenger that will show up in the Messenger apps of some people. The user's inbox or the spaces between natural stories in Messenger Stories may contain advertisements (similar to those used across Facebook and Instagram).


Facebook ad formats


According to Facebook, these ads motivate target audiences to behave more frequently than ads displayed in their news feeds.

Video ads

Stories and news feed include video advertising. This will help to reach out to a larger audience and get more visibility. They can be created to show up as longer Facebook videos or in-stream advertisements. Video advertisements are the greatest choice if you wish to showcase your team or product in action.


Facebook ads-Growthx

Collection ads

Customers can buy products from collection ads that display five clickable images or clicks and do so directly from their Facebook accounts. One of the best methods to raise conversion rates is to eliminate points of friction.

Carousel ads

Up to 10 movies or pictures demonstrating your offer can be found in a carousel. They help highlight the numerous benefits of products, and if it's more convenient for you, you may combine them to create a single panorama image.

Facebook carousel ads

Slideshow ads

Use slideshow advertisements to turn your still photographs, video clips, or text into a quick video advertisement. Slideshows are inherently more interesting than other types of content since they encourage viewers to scroll through.

Poll ads

This advertisement combines a video or image commercial with a two-option interactive poll, only available on mobile devices. You can add a different URL for each poll as you please. The responses are visible to both the marketer and survey respondents.

Facebook poll ads

Image ads

These are straightforward and ideal for newbie marketers using Facebook advertising. Simply enhance an existing image post from your page or make a picture specifically for an ad to create an image ad.

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Once you’ve understood the type of ads that Facebook has to offer you can easily strategize to optimize your reach on it. Take one step at a time and you’ll be on your way to the top.