8 best Instagram photo and video downloader tools

8 best Instagram photo and video downloader tools

8 best Instagram photo and video downloader tools

There is an app for your every possible need. So why should it come as a surprise that there are apps that help in the downloading of Instagram photos and videos? We’ve got a couple of Instagram photo and video downloader recommendations to help you download your favorite photos and videos.

1) Instaoffline

Instagram movies, images, and IGTVs can all be downloaded using the app Instaoffline.

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  • Instagram video and photo downloads are unrestricted.
  • This website’s Instagram saver is simple to use and requires no installation.
  • It is among the finest apps for downloading Instagram videos since it enables you to encrypt and secure your connection while browsing and safeguard your privacy.
  • Any smartphone, tablet, or device can use this IG video-downloading app.

2) FastSave for Instagram

With over 10 million downloads, the FastSave app for Android allows users to save Instagram photographs and videos. One of the best Instagram downloaders available, it enables you to save Instagram images and videos to Android-based smartphones and tablets.


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  • A bar at the top of the main screen allows you to rapidly access gathered stories.
  • By applying a long press to saved images and videos, you can access user information.
  • This Instagram saver provides quick download times.
  • You can manage quickly saved images and movies with the dashboard.
  • You can share, re-post, and remove images and videos.
  • Hide the videos and pictures you’ve saved

3) Qoob

It helps you explore and save your highlights, stories, pictures, and videos from both public and private Instagram accounts.

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  • Lets you add new Instagram stories and posts, both of which are automatically saved to your computer.
  • Assists you in downloading directly to your computer the Instagram posts in which you were mentioned.
  • The Instagram posts you’ve bookmarked can be transferred to your computer.
  • Helps you download ordinary Instagram posts in a high-quality and well-liked format.
  • Gives you the option to download only certain Instagram material.

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4) Reposter Saver

This Android application makes it possible to save text, hashtags, images, and videos from Instagram to your Android device. Additionally, you can save copied Instagram material on your device or share it again. This Instagram saver tool allows you to copy text or just hashtags in addition to downloading photographs and videos.

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Regrann must be your top pick among Android apps if you want to repost Instagram images and videos for free. This Android app lets you report Instagram pictures and videos without a watermark. The Instagram poster is the folder where all of the Instagram photos will be saved.



  • You may start downloading Instagram photographs and videos without exiting the app.
  • Simply choose “Copy share URL.”
  • This application automatically credits Instagram users who are the content’s creators.
  • There is no login requirement for this Android app. It is quick, easy, and straightforward to use.
  • To give credit to the users who created the content, you can enable watermarks.

6) Quick Save, the best Instagram downloader app

Quick Save performs the same function as all other Instagram picture and video-downloading apps. With our top Instagram downloader, you can repost or even share the content with your friends after downloading it. This software helps you edit photos and videos using a variety of filters and editing tools. It is an app that easily saves Instagram videos to a camera roll. With this app, the user may choose a grid design and photo splits.

  • Features of this Instagram photo downloading noteworthy tool.
  • This Instagram download software features a beautiful user interface.
  • Downloads the images and videos quickly.
  • Access to editing software

7) VideoHunter

As a fully functional video downloader with great compatibility, VideoHunter delivers. Currently, it allows users to download any video or audio from more than 1,000 websites, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Niconico, Bilibili, and others.

Due to its quest for high-quality output, which will always pay off with great offline video playback, this simple-to-use downloader has now become a new craze among sharing individuals. Its quality might be as high as 1080p, 4K, or even 8K.


  • Copying and pasting URLs is a straightforward operation.
  • Can download videos from more than a thousand websites.
  • Gives you access to high-quality output quality, including 1080p, 4K, and 8K, so you can enjoy great and slick offline playback.
  • Provides 6X better download rates for audio and video.
  • Offers free lifetime software upgrades.

8) Inflact

For quick and bulk Instagram content downloads, Inflact is the best.

With a fairly straightforward user interface, Inflact aims to download any type of Instagram content, including photos, stories, and videos from IGTV. In a matter of seconds, it can download any content you choose.

Additionally, there are no limitations on its compatibility. The tool allows you to download information from anywhere in the world to any device you choose. The download procedure itself is rather simple to comprehend.


Even though the tool is free to use, you may access additional fascinating features by paying a fee. These include the capacity to download numerous videos and photos simultaneously and the capacity to save movies from an infinite number of Instagram profiles.


  • Easy URL copy and paste process
  • Allows for large content downloads; creates hashtags

And there you have it! 8 apps to help you download your most memorable Instagram photos and videos!