5 simple ways to increase Facebook engagement-2023

5 simple ways to increase Facebook engagement-2023

5 simple ways to increase Facebook engagement-2023

Increasing engagement on Facebook is a difficult task due to the ever-changing algorithm and a drop in organic post reach.

Fortunately, many marketing experts are still using Facebook and have discovered fresh approaches to sustaining and raising audience engagement rates.

Check out the five practical strategies listed below if you're seeking the best ways to boost engagement on Facebook in 2023.

1. Emphasize Content that Fans appreciate.

When it comes to their content, many brands make the mistake of putting themselves in a box. 

To begin with, there is only so much that can be spoken about your brand or product daily. Your audience will stop paying attention as soon as your content seems monotonous or outdated.

Your Facebook content isn't solely about you. Even if people like you, they don't necessarily want to hear about you all the time. Incorporating that concept into your plan will make increasing Facebook engagement much more feasible.

Facebook content


Whether you like it or not, Facebook has turned into a hotspot for funny posts and memes. Even though comedy may not be the ideal fit for every brand, humorous material usually does well and is a fun way to mix up your posts.

Even though it may be tempting, talking only about oneself won't generate much interest. Try to abide by the golden rule of content curation, which states that just 20% of the content you share should be promotional.

Additionally, providing a diversity of information in your feed will keep your fans interested in what comes next.

2. Tap into Perfect Post Times

A post's likelihood of being rewarded with reach by Facebook's algorithm increases with the amount of engagement it receives.

This may sound a little backward, but it emphasizes how crucial exact timing is for your postings.

You may rapidly boost the likelihood of receiving likes and comments by posting during the times when your followers are most active.

best time to post on facebook

Yes, there are data-driven optimal times to post on social media, and knowing these can help you determine how your posting schedule should be structured.

Here, it's important to avoid posting at random and hoping for interaction. You can decide on a plan that makes sense by using the chart below and reviewing your previous post’s engagement.

To schedule Facebook posts days or weeks in advance, we advise using a Facebook scheduling tool. It will help you remember to post and offer you the freedom to experiment with various publishing times.

3. Improve Your Photography Skills

Simply put, visual content dominates on Facebook.

The vast bulk of the material on the network is photos, indicating that users would much rather interact with a picture than a link or a long text post. Get visuals on Facebook if you want to increase engagement.

However, the kind of photographs you submit greatly affects how well they do.

Instead of producing their material, many new businesses make the error of depending on stock photos or images taken from other sources.

Attractive post facebook

Instead, businesses should make an effort to demonstrate the character of their brand. There is a reason why staff anecdotes and "in the wild" photographs from major firms are so well-liked.

After all, it's a social network and not a network for stock photos. Additionally, keep in mind that images can be effective tools for getting serial scrollers to pause and read your material. 

4. Use Comment Guards to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Make sure to respond if someone takes the time to comment on one of your posts.

An automatic response to a Facebook post commonly referred to as a comment guard is one technique you can use to respond right away.

Facebook autoresponders are a fantastic tool for giving all of your organic posts more momentum. 

Autoresponders are simple to set up, completely automated, and guaranteed to enhance Facebook post engagement.

Attempt the following the next time you produce material that you would love to garner engagement:

  • Ask an engaging question on your post, such as, “Name your 10 favorite foods, go!” People love answering questions about themselves, it’s in our nature, and this always works.
  • Have people guess the answer in the comments.

Then, boost your Facebook post to ensure it gets a lot of engagement when engagement on one of your posts is far above average.

The post will appear in your news feed more frequently the more comments there are.

The best aspect is that every time someone replies to a private message, lead user data is automatically collected.

Additionally, your Messenger chatbot's ability to send out promotional messages to those contacts has been enabled.

5. Use Facebook Live to boost engagement!

Video posts receive more engagement than photo posts. Using your mobile phone or laptop, you can create a video that is just as easy and affordable as still images.

In contrast to conventional video posts, live videos receive six times as much engagement.

Your video will rise to the top of your followers' Facebook news feeds when you go live.

get facebook followers

Furthermore, those who visit your page frequently or recently will receive a message letting them know you are living.

The footage from your live broadcast will show up on your Facebook page after it is over.

Increase your engagement with these 5 tips and be on your way to superstardom!