10 Instagram game ideas to increase reach and engagement

10 Instagram game ideas to increase reach and engagement

10 Instagram game ideas to increase reach and engagement

How to increase reach and engagement without being too obvious about it? We’ve got a couple of games for you to connect with your audience as well as help your engagement increase at a phenomenal rate!

Table Of Content:

  1. Nominate your Friends Challenge
  2. Hashtag Challenge
  3. Quiz Game
  4. This or That
  5. Gif Challenge
  6. Three truths & a Lie
  7. Trendy Instagram AR Filters
  8. Blackout with Bingo
  9. True or False
  10. "Who is More" Challenge

Nominate Your Friends Challenge

You may construct the challenge in any way you want it to be, which gives you a lot of creative freedom. Participants in the game must follow the instructions before challenging their friends to participate.

Using the challenge sticker accessible on Instagram, increase those story likes! Stories are a simple method to promote your challenge on Instagram. Users may simply take part in challenges when they have been nominated thanks to this functionality. This is how it goes:

Use the challenge sticker to indicate that you've finished a task after taking a video or a photo to prove it. This can be in the form of a particular hashtag or just the challenge's name.

Then, when watching your story, followers will be able to click on the sticker to go to their own Stories where they may produce their contribution to the challenge and have it tagged in the same way.

Instagram Story Challenge

Hashtag Challenge

Another fantastic game on Instagram to increase grow your engagement on Instagram is through hashtag challenges. They are also yet another incredibly easy alternative for hosting the challenge.

To run a hashtag competition, just tell your fans to compete by making a post for their feed or Story and adding a brand-specific hashtag to it.

The posts that your followers make in response to the challenge will be seen by their followers, who will then see your hashtag. As a result of the spread of awareness among Instagram users, you will be able to increase your audience and engagement.

Instagram Hashtag Challenge

Quiz Game

When you want to foster a sense of community on your page, quiz games are a terrific method for you and your followers to get to know one another.

Quiz games are frequently utilized as Instagram games for stories and are based on a template that the host will post first, much like the GIF challenges.

The visual appearance of these can also be changed a lot. For instance, any theme may be covered by the questions, and the format may also vary. The quiz templates can sometimes take the form of bingo game cards, while other times they only present a list of questions with room for the players' answers.

It's a good idea to ask participants to challenge their followers and friends to take part in your quiz challenge.


Instagram Quiz game challenge

This Or That

An excellent Instagram game for stories is the "This or That" challenge, which encourages lots of followers to interact with your account.

Everyone appears to enjoy reposting the templates for these games, discussing their views with other players, and learning what other people think about controversial subjects.

Simply locate or make a template, post it to your story, and let your followers take it from there to host one of these challenges!

Gif Challenge

This is a really enjoyable Instagram game to increase engagement and reshares. Who doesn't enjoy gifs, after all? Select your themes or events and then leave squares for animated gifs that relate to those themes. Following that, your fans must repost your story with the appropriate gifs dragged onto those squares. Reposting the funniest and best comments on your story is a terrific way to engage the community and get more people involved.

Three Truths and a Lie

The goal of this Instagram Stories quiz game is to introduce yourself to your followers. Write down three facts and one clever ‘false fact’ about yourself. After that, have your followers guess which is a false one!

Create an Instagram stories poll using the "poll" sticker on tales to allow your followers to vote in order to make it more interactive. To create excitement for the big reveal, have them reshare their responses to your questions with emoji stickers. Then, reveal which of your stories was a lie (and provide some additional details about the truths!) Receiving this intimate look into the person behind the brand will be a hit with your followers.

insta likes

Play Around with Trendy Instagram AR Filters

If you don't think you have the imagination to create your own IG Story game templates, Instagram has got you covered. On the app, Instagram developers publish a ton of humorous AR Filters that will make your followers smile.

There are several different AR filters, some of which will transform you into a cartoon character. Create suggestions or circumstances likely to happen to the revealed persona to test these strange filters.

Do a Blackout with Bingo

Bingo is more than simply a pastime for your grandparents. Bingo is a well-known game that draws players in by having them mark off boxes that correspond to their past experiences or present circumstances.

Simply choose a topic (such as a holiday or item collection), think of appropriate circumstances, then record them on a 5x5 Bingo template to create your bingo template. We like seeing the many traits and personalities of individuals, and bingo is a great way to learn more about the commonalities among your followers. This game seems to be the perfect way to increase your followers, right?

Inform your Audience with a Round of "True or False"

The True or False game is always entertaining and works nicely on Instagram Stories. Assess the general understanding of the goods and services offered by your specialty among your followers. Explain the fact's truth or falsity in the next story. This is a great chance to educate your audience and advertise your exclusive deals.

Instagram true false challenge

"Who is more" Challenge:

This game filter shoots rapid-fire questions to a pair, ideally couples, on who is more this and that, or who is more likely to do something. Surely there might be some things you don't know about your partner or friend. This is the best game to know your partner or friend better. You and your partner just have to keep eye-to-eye contact and heads go in the same direction.

Instagram who is more challenge


Your reach and engagement can increase manifold if you play your cards right! And in this case, it’s when you play the right games! Games are a cool way to interact with your followers and if you build up the hype in the right way, you’re bound to be a winner!