Facebook Page Followers

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Increase the number of Facebook followers that can be converted into real sales


  • Get 5000 followers on Facebook. American, European, and Asian followers 
  • Start: 0-60m 
  • Our maximum number of Page followers per day is 1k-5K

Our Recommendation: Though these are real profiles, we can’t completely guarantee an engagement from these pages on your posts. Hence, we recommend you simultaneously focus on continuing to curate great content and regularly boosting the same to gain engagement to keep up your page authenticity.


Please Note:

Don't use other websites' services at the same time. The delivery process will be slowed down. For stable growth, use one company's services.


Ask a Question
  • I have a facebook profile with 5k friends already on it. & having a page with more then 10k followers .I choosed a plan of Rs 684, for 1000 profile followers.need to know where this plan will worked

    Hey Gaurav,

    This would work for both profile as well as page.

  • I want facebook followers

    Hi Ramkrishna,

    Thank you for writing to us. However, I am sorry as currently our Facebook services have been suspended. We are hoping to have it back soon. 

    Thank you!

  • Can we get only Indian Followers, if not what is the distribution?

    Hey Shubham,

    I am sorry but it is not possible to segment demographics specific and only India. The followers that we send would come from worldwide with a great number of followers and active accounts. It will be a global mix. Sometimes there will be more Indians and sometimes there will be fewer. Our Indian Mixed pack will give you 60% Indian and 40% a mix of global followers.

  • Can I grow my facebook page

    Hey Vipin,

    Sure, we can help you with the growth of your Facebook page. Please check out our website www.growthx.social for details.