Introducing Threads by Instagram: All You Need to Know & How to Use It

Introducing Threads by Instagram: All You Need to Know & How to Use It

Introducing Threads by Instagram: All You Need to Know & How to Use It

Instagram, the popular social media platform, has recently introduced "Threads," a standalone app designed to facilitate more private and personal communication among close friends. Launched in July 2023, Threads, an app by Meta allows users to share status updates, photos, and videos directly with a selected group of contacts. In this article, we'll delve into what Threads by Instagram is all about, its features, and how you can use it to foster deeper connections with your close friends.

So, what is all the hype around Threads by Instagram?

Threads is a dedicated messaging app that focuses on sharing content and updates with your inner circle of friends. Unlike traditional Instagram messaging, Threads provides a more intimate space to connect with a select group of people and share moments throughout the day. The app was developed as a response to the growing need for private and personal communication within social media networks.

Some of the key features of Threads include:

1. Integration with the Instagram account: Threads allows you to seamlessly sync your profile with your Instagram account and the followers can view your Threads account directly from your Instagram profile. You can easily choose who you want to connect with more intimately through the app.
You also have the capability to see the profiles of those you are following within your list of followers. Furthermore, Threads has implemented advanced notification filters to enhance your messaging experience.

2. Camera Access: Threads opens directly to the camera, encouraging users to capture and share moments as they happen. You can take photos or record videos and share them as a thread on the Threads app. You can also select existing media from your device and upload it on Threads.

3. Communication and Sharing: Threads prioritize communication, allowing you to share photos, videos, and text directly with your followers. It also encourages real-time Instagram status updates to your stories and instant sharing of experiences, with an easy view through a chronological feed that allows you to view status updates from accounts you follow in the order they were posted.

Here’s how you can use Threads by Instagram:

  • Download and install the app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  • Log in using your Instagram credentials.
  • Follow or invite your existing friends from Instagram. This list will be the core group of people you'll be sharing moments with.
  • You can also search for people on the Threads app directly and connect with them.
  • You can set your Threads account to public or private. And finally, start sharing!

Threads By Instagram

You can share anything from a link to images, videos, etc. by tapping the New Thread sign right in the bottom middle of the screen. 

You can view another person’s profile by tapping on their profile icon and checking out their Threads account or going to their Instagram page from the Instagram icon on the top right corner. Similarly, you can also directly go to your Threads account or view a friend’s Threads profile from the Threads icon on Instagram profile.

Threads encourage Instagram engagement as people are interacting or viewing your Instagram account via the app and vice versa, and getting to know you better through your real time life updates.

Talking about competition in the social media market, Threads is very similar yet unique to Twitter and has it as a direct competitor. 

Here is a breakdown of Threads vs. Twitter:

Threads by Instagram and Twitter are distinct messaging platforms. While Threads focuses on creating a more intimate space for your Instagram community, Twitter is a public platform where tweets can be seen by anyone not necessarily linked to your existing community of friends. 

Talking about the character length, Tweets are short at 280 characters, while Threads has an extended and connected format.

Threads are great for immersive storytelling, whereas tweets favor concise updates and are preferred for instant global updates.

Although the purpose of both looks to be alike, Twitter and Threads serve distinct communication needs and garner different sets of audiences.
Twitter, being present for a long time, has already occupied a dedicated group of users interested in news, while Threads has openly claimed to be more for entertainment purposes.

Threads achieved a remarkable milestone by attracting 100 million users swiftly post-launch, marking a rapid growth rate. Nonetheless, this surge was short-lived, with a subsequent 70% decline in daily active users. Evidently, many Instagram users are experimenting with Threads but opting to uninstall it shortly thereafter.
Drawing a comparison between a long-standing app and a newly popular one is premature at this point, but it is necessary that we know what purpose they serve and utilize that for our business or personal goals.

In conclusion, Threads by Meta, although fairly new, has turned out to be a point of interest and helps enhance Instagram engagement by providing a more personal and direct channel of communication with your Instagram community. It allows you to share real moments and experiences, fostering deeper connections and meaningful interactions with those who matter most to you. Experiment with Threads by Instagram to strengthen your relationships and experience a more intimate and fun way of connecting away from the grid!