How to use Instagram Reels to showcase your brand

How to use Instagram Reels to showcase your brand

How to use Instagram Reels to showcase your brand

With one billion monthly active users and 500 million daily users, Instagram has one of the fastest-expanding user bases among all of these social media sites. There are a lot of possible customers there!

It has been discovered that Instagram Reels experienced increases in overall engagement on the days when they were published.

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1. Push Reels to your feed

You can publish your Reel on the Reel platform in its natural state (it will then appear in your Reels tab) or on your feed. Publishing to your feed is often regarded as excellent practice so that your present audience may participate as well. Also, this will help you advertise your account and create additional material.

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2. Take old Stories and posts and recreate them into Reels

For their 15–30 second videos for Instagram reels, a large chunk of the content creation community recycles past posts and stories. You could put all of your photos into one video, for instance, if you recently traveled as a business or if you have pictures from a project, you just finished.

3. Add titles to your Reel cover photos

Make it simple for users to choose the Reel they want to watch when they access your Reels tab. Your Reels' titles also give your Instagram followers a sense of the content you upload. Use titles such as stunning scenery or top 10 tips when traveling.

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4. Feature your employees

Get your staff in on the fun! Each week, spotlight one person who discusses their favorite aspects of working for your company, their favorite aspects of their profession, or offers advice based on their area of expertise. Consumers desire a sense of connection with their business partners. Also, this is a fantastic chance to convey your company's basic beliefs.

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5. Share quick and encouraging messages

Using motivational quotations related to your company is a quick method to engage your followers, which is vital. The quotes can either be closed captioned with a lovely moving background or you can turn the camera on yourself and speak to them. 


6. Spotlight Products And New Releases

As long as they produce concise, interesting material that highlights recent releases, firms can benefit from using Instagram Reels to promote their goods.

A more genuine commercial can be made when new products are introduced, as viewers won't feel like they were specifically targeted.

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7. Show your audience what goes on behind-the-scenes

Say you run a bakery that sells celebratory cakes. Your cakes are simply stunning to look at and to eat, as your audience is already aware. They are unaware of the labor-intensive process involved in making, decorating, and delivering your cakes. This is your chance to show them what it takes to make your delicious cakes.

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Offering your audience, a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your day-to-day operations is a terrific method to develop a deeper relationship. Use these kinds of reels to introduce your employees and humanize your brand.

8. Tell your story

Instagram is a great platform for small company owners to tell their stories. An introduction video lets your audience relate to your brand on a human level and is quick and simple to develop with minimal planning needed. You began with a dream and a passion. Please tell everyone about this. Keep the conversation casual, as if you were conversing with a friend, although it can be intimidating to open up online.

Remember that you are not required to submit only one 30-second video. It's quite OK to introduce oneself over three or four reels that may be viewed in order by going to the reels tab on your Instagram profile.

9. Jump on a trend

Want to increase the number of people who see your reel? Interested in being featured on the Explore feed? Consider following a trend.

Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels is the home to a variety of bizarre and fanciful trends that come and go. Watch out for a fad that's on the rise, from charming dances to risky challenges. You may even try coming up with your own and inviting your followers to participate. Don't forget to include a distinctive hashtag.

A word of caution on trends: While Reels is all about having fun and experimenting with your social media marketing, you shouldn't give up your brand's professionalism or reputation for views. Take part in trends only if they are appropriate for your audience and consistent with your ideals. If not, your Reels can cause more harm than good.

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Give Instagram Reels a shot if you're prepared to modify your social media marketing approach to accommodate the shifting demands of today's consumers. We guarantee it won't let you down!